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About Us

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JL Tox Consulting is an industry-leading medical device consulting firm helping companies address toxicology and medical device biocompatibility requirements.

As one of the top medical device consulting firms, we have up-to-date knowledge of the global medical device industry, along with standards and regulations. Our extensive experience extends into FDA, EU MDR, Japanese MHLW, Korean MFDS, and other regulatory expectations globally.

Our medical device consulting firm supports biocompatibility, toxicology, and chemistry projects, concerns, and questions. Our industry-leading expertise lies in new product development, MDR and CAPA remediation, and lifecycle management, which includes impact assessments, gap assessments, toxicological risk assessments, biocompatibility test plans, and biocompatibility evaluations.

We are professional, flexible, and creative, with a long-standing history of trusted leadership in the industry. JL Tox Consulting can help you keep up with the ever-changing regulatory landscape regarding medical device biocompatibility. We have extensive industry-leading experience across biological risk, chemical characterization, and toxicological risk assessments.

​Why JL Tox Consulting?


JL Tox Consulting has over a decade of biocompatibility and medical device experience and has consulted industry-leading medical device manufacturers and contract research organizations.


Our expertise spans the full spectrum of medical device biocompatibility from new product design to lifecycle management.  We can guide you through all facets of in vitro and in vivo biological testing, chemical characterization and toxicological risk assessment based on the expectations of regulatory agencies across the globe.


45+ toxicological risk assessments and biocompatibility safety evaluations accepted by global regulatory agencies with limited or no deficiencies.


Personalized service and a commitment to your projects ensures that we provide industry-leading turnaround time on all our work. Also, we can accommodate urgent requests if necessary.

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